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Check out the tasty line up for Forbidden Fruit. We’re playing Saturday May 31st!

Check out the tasty line up for Forbidden Fruit. We’re playing Saturday May 31st!



Final Richter Collective Party


CMJ 2012


Summer Vacation Pt2


Squarehead’s Summer Vacation.


Popical Comp #3 + New Squarehead Tune

The third and final compilation.

23 solid aluminum hits from the Popical crew and assorted guests from the wider independent pop milieu.

Available on tape, CD and download.

Every physical copy in it’s own unique hand painted cover.

Free all day (and night) launch party in Whelans on July 7th.

You can hear Squarehead’s contribution exclusively on Nialler9 by clicking these words.

Keep your ears peeled for more tantalising tidbits of sound coming soon.

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More USAhhhhh

Home in Brooklyn

Second home Vinnie’s Pizzaria

Curious Ian in the Cake Shop

The Cake Shop


Ownin that shit

Central perk

Our mate Rory from Ten Past Seven in a Pirate Bar

House Party in Bushwick

Satanist dude gave Rory his cross

Cheers Tom

Man in hat innit

Home Alone 2 n shit



Lost Boy


Biggest slice in the big tomato

Sunset on Brooklyn Bridge

Ian was scared, Ruan was not.

Bridge Trollz

Ian with Abe

Whale Song


Jurassic Park!!! Ian is suitably unimpressed

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

He dead

View from our friends place

Oh yeah I did

Oh yes he did

Our last show at Shea Stadium.

Oh yea there was a dog

Die Hard were awesome


Nearly done


See yiz soon.

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So we recently took a whirlwind trip around the States. First off we hit up Austin for SXSW which was crazy, fun and melty hot. Then We flew up to Canada for 1 day approx for CMW which was crazy, and also melty hot. Straight after our show in Toronto we flew to Boston where after a spot of bother at the US border we played 4 of the most memorable gigs ever, met some really nice people and had generally the best craic ever. Finally we hitched down to NYC where we played another 4 nights and got up to lots of mischief! Please enjoy a selection of our pictures from the trip. xxxxxx

One last pint before he boards.

Late evening on Austin highway.

George Harrison doc on tv in hotel. ace.

Lads get their 40 winks.

Pool of tears.

Our good friend Niall let us kip on his floor for the duration of the festival.

Some wacky Texas


What’s a lad to do?

Ian’s twin & Total Slacker


Chicken Dance

Patrick Kelleher & his Cold Dead Hands we’re there and we chased the dream together.

Spooky tree

Top of the bill at Burger Fest in Spideerhouse


Ruan enjoying some music in the heat

Band playing

Sgt Heft

Officer Freak


Ruan is suspicious of free stuff.

Paddy K finds killer denim on the streets

Ste from F to the MC is Party Man numero uno

Ian so shocked by big wheeled car his face disappears

Lower Dens

Somebody put a racist sticker on Ruan

Ian’s handle broke so he had to carry his shit all sad like.

Creepy hotel snakes

Ian loves american Tv

Morning times

IHoop Cheesecake Pancake Breakfast.

The “I can’t decide” breakfast

Austin is beautiful

The boys outside Waterloo Records

Up the Creek

Parks & Rec


Chill bro Ice’n it by the lake

Playin nice




Pinty Spoony… thats not a Pint!

Weed Lep

Sunrise on the way to Toronto

Home in Toronto

Wacky everything shop

Pimp my Irish

They have pointy lad too

Honest Eds sells crazy shit

James from Cloud Castle Lake is happy lad

Lorem Ipsum books in Cambridge Ma

In the belly of the bookstore

Prince Zine!

Clippers playing

After Party

Mornin after

Home in Allston Ma

Fancy smokin shop with mad men lookin dude

Big beer for big boys

Ultimate friends

Birthdays live at Dreamhouse



A bit more Galway, Cork & new practice space.

Birthday Boy

Shopical Island

Buckfast At Tiffany’s

Emo Padraig

Quay Co-Op!!!

Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus

Drinkin on the job.

Team Work!